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Back pain affects a large percentage of the population and can be a debilitating condition that is a symptom of our lifestyles as much as anything else. Chronic pain from sciatica, for example, can have a huge impact on mood and mental health. It is also something that isn’t always visible either and can be difficult for those who don’t suffer to understand its impact.

Here, at The Bath Massage Company, we see many people who suffer from back pain in various forms, and recently we interviewed Helen, one of our clients to find out a little more about how we have helped her.

When did you first visit The Bath Massage Company?

My first appointment was with Polly about 9 years ago before she moved into her current venue at Season’s on George Street. At the time I was a student and was suffering from bad neck and back pain and I needed some relief from muscle spasms that were really painful.

How did your therapist help you with your back pain?

Polly was amazing. In my initial consultation, she took the time to figure out what the root cause of my pain and tensions might be, and then explained what she was going to do to best provide the pain relief I needed. After my massage treatment, she showed me some exercises to do at home and also some self-massage tips as well. I left feeling amazing and in significantly less pain.

How often do you see your therapist?

I’ve been seeing Polly since my student days and now try to get a massage every month or so. When Polly went on maternity leave, I started to see the other therapists in the company and they were all wonderful – it’s so great to know you’re in good hands and with people who are really passionate about what they do.

What treatments have helped you the most with your back pain?

Getting a massage really helps, it gives me immediate pain relief from my sciatica if that’s been particularly bad and also really lifts my mood. Recently, I’ve been combining my massages with reflexology and that has helped too. I also try to work on core exercises and practice yoga when I can to help keep my back strong and my body flexible.

What advice would you give to other people suffering from back pain?

When my back is really bad I try to keep moving with more gentle exercises and will definitely book a massage straight away. Getting regular treatments have really helped me a lot but I’ve also learnt from Polly & her team that self-care can play a big part – recently I have been using a massage ball on reflexology points in my feet which gives instant relief, but I think nothing beats a proper massage!

At The Bath Massage Company, we provide massage treatments and reflexology to help manage and provide pain relief for acute and chronic back pain, you can book an appointment through our online booking system or call to discuss what treatment might be best for your needs.

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