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“I had a wonderful massage with Polly yesterday which was great! My back felt so tight before I arrived and she sorted it and I left feeling great”
Rita W, Bath

“We both felt amazing during and after the Hypnobirthing session with Polly. I actually slept properly for first time in ages too. We talked about this morning, both still feeling great. We both feel totally switched on to the birth experience now, and have been reflecting how much aiming for a natural birth made sense for us. It’s fascinating how in just one session it can dispel the beliefs/myths of a lifetime that birthing needs to happen in hospital and with drugs. We both certainly feels very different after one session. Straight after the session I felt full of endorphins, my body was tingling. I feel full of positivity, and completely grounded yet energised and for the first time ever I am looking forward to the birth – thank you Polly for an amazing session”.
Ali, Bristol

“I used to see Polly in Bath but switched to her Bristol venue as I work in Bristol so I can see her in my lunch break – Polly always manages to find the areas of tightness straight away and works on them with a brilliant massage and I always leave feeling less stressed and like my body has had a great workout”.
Sharon Rose, Keynsham

“Polly was recommended to me by a friend who has being seeing her for several months, and who has now completely recovered from a long term health issue since being treated. I was excited to meet Polly and experience her treatments which came very highly recommended. After an initial consultation, which lasted around 20 minutes as I had a lot of background to give Polly, the treatment started and for the next hour my body was put through a fantastic series of feelings – Polly was amazing and explained some of the work she was doing as she did it. I can honestly say I’ve never had such a thorough and amazing massage ever! I can’t say it didn’t hurt in places, but in a good way. The next day I felt really great and now I see Polly on a regular basis. My initial issues have certainly eased since seeing her and the movement in my hip has come back thanks to her help (she showed me some movements to do at home and also recommended some particular exercise) I finally feel that someone has listened to me and helped me to feel better in my body. Thank you so much Polly”.
Dave P, Temple Cloud

“I have seen Kasia for the last 6 months and cannot rate her professional help more highly. Having stood badly, and slouched for several decades I have ended up with a neck that really does not want to fully turn.

I am half way through a long treatment with the Osteopath which would be much longer if not impossible without my seeing Kasia between visits. She has freed up the muscles and got them, and me much more mobile again. She is very knowledgeable and extremely good at her job.”
Andrew Smiley, Bath

“Polly’s treatments focus on problem areas of the body and she also  has invaluable experience in treating pregnant ladies through massage and acupressure helping to prepare and strengthen the body and mind for the challenges of labour. I highly recommend her to all those pregnant ladies out there who need some relief from their out of kilter bodies, some advice and support in preparation for the birth, or just some simple relaxation and ‘me time’ before the wonderful baby chaos begins!”.
Dr Sarah Thoday, GP Registrar

“I was lucky to get a massage with Polly as a birthday gift from my husband when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I have also been very lucky to experience different massages all over the world from Thailand, to Hawaii, to Italy, to London and a few fair places in between these.

I can honestly say that I feel very confident of Polly and her skills at pregnancy massage and I  knew I was in safe hands from the very first treatment. As a couple, my husband and I have not had the easiest time getting pregnant and therefore knowing I was with someone fully qualified in pregnancy massage was very important to me. I immediately signed up for a course of 6 massages and have continued to have these sessions with Polly throughout my pregnancy. I’m now 33 weeks and will be seeing Polly right through to the birth of our first child.

Polly has a great combination of providing me with a precious 90 minutes of relaxation each week combined with a massage that really works at all the areas that commonly become strained as part of pregnancy. I always walk away feeling I’ve had a good workout/stretch of the muscles as well as some me time. I know it has been a huge benefit to my pregnancy and at 33 weeks I am still fully mobile, with no fluid retention or swelling. I would urge anyone thinking of pregnancy massage to contact Polly, you won’t regret it and you will definitely feel the benefits to your pregnancy. Thanks again Polly, I can’t wait for you to meet Baby H and begin your Baby Massage course!”
Laura H, Bath

“I have just signed up for my second term of baby massage lessons with Polly.  I took baby massage classes with my eldest (age 3 years) when he was a baby and really enjoyed it.  We started these classes with Polly when my second son was 9 weeks old.  I took them to relive the same experience as before, enjoyable, calming, quality time with my child.  I have found that my poor second child gets so much less quality time with me than my first child did and as well as the fantastic skills that you learn through Polly’s class, it is dedicated time for Finley and I to be together, which he may not otherwise get.

It is a really relaxed environment, with small classes of other new mums and young babies together which as a social setting in itself is really nice.  Polly is professional and highly trained, but really relaxed and enjoyable to be around.  I (we) enjoyed it so much we have just signed up for a second ‘term’.  I highly recommended the course”.
Jo Palmer, Bath

“I have seen Polly in both my second and third pregnancies in the hope she could offer me some relief from the aches and pains that accompany the latter stages of pregnancy, and also to help me prepare for labour and encourage some movement naturally so I did not go too far overdue. Her antenatal treatments stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons. She is genuinely interested in the individual issues that have brought you to see her and responds to those accordingly. She is a welcome sympathiser and encourager at an often uncomfortable and sometimes psychologically challenging time of a women’s life. And on all occasions I came away having seen her feeling well cared for both physically and mentally.

Her treatments focus on problem areas of the body and she also  has invaluable experience in treating pregnant ladies through massage and acupressure helping to prepare and strengthen the body and mind for the challenges of labour. I highly recommend her to all those pregnant ladies out there who need some relief from their out of kilter bodies, some advice and support in preparation for the birth, or just some simple relaxation and ‘me time’ before the wonderful baby chaos begins!”
Dr Sarah Thoday, GP Registrar

Polly’s baby massage course was actually my 3rd baby massage course, and it was definitely my favourite!
The classes were really informative and structured which I really liked as it really helped the techniques to sink in. The strokes she taught were really quite different to the others I had been taught, and the little parent hand-out massage book you receive has easy to follow diagrams so you can perform the massage confidently at home.

Polly is absolutely lovely and the group became very close. The location was very intimate and homely and I will definitely keep up the massage as my son Paul absolutely loved it. I started the course when he was 6 weeks old so I plan to return for another when he is 6 months + and a very different baby in lots of ways! I also hope to sample some of Polly’s massage as everyone I have spoken to says she is incredible! One of my all time favourite baby courses. We were all very sad when it was finished! We shall all definitely stay in touch. Thank you so much Polly!
Claire and Paul, Bath

I’ve historically felt massage to be a luxury for the odd occasion to spoil myself, that is until I met Polly. She really is a fantastic Deep Tissue Massage Therapist- she is slowly ‘curing’ my longstanding Achilles problem, I went to her recently with some back pain and left with no pain. She seriously knows what she is doing and of all the massages I have had over the world she is unquestionably the best. She isn’t too ‘soft’ and presses hard in the bits that need pressing hard. She is also pretty reasonably priced which makes the odd occasion a more frequent occurrence for me now! I would recommend her highly and suggest if you were thinking about it to give her a go, she’s brilliant.
Andrew, Bath

The baby massage course I did with Polly has completely changed my little boys sleeping pattern. Before we did the course he wouldn’t sleep at all and cried a lot. After the 2nd week on the course I noticed a huge difference he started to relax and began to sleep for longer. With Polly’s guidance we massaged him every day after bath time and used the techniques Polly showed us to help calm him and relax him. I can’t thank her enough for her patience and help, it’s the best money I spent on my baby, highly recommended.
Amy, Combe Down, Bath

I came straight home and emailed my NCT group last week to tell them about my lovely pregnancy massage experience with you. It felt really different to a ‘regular’ salon massage. Very holistic and you clearly know your stuff, I felt so much better afterwards and could finally walk without pain in my hips. I thought it was fabulous and I shall definitely recommend you to other pregnant ladies.
Claire, Bradford on Avon

You will not find a better place to have a massage in Bath. In fact I’ve had massages all over the World and have not had finer. I have been seeing Polly for the past couple of months as my back was in knots and as a result it was effecting my life (sleeping, sitting in my office). After only a few deep tissue sessions with Polly my back felt a million times better and I am so grateful to her that I am now free of discomfort. Polly has a really relaxed attitude and made me feel at ease as soon as we first met, which makes a huge difference when having a massage. You feel relaxed right from the off, so you enjoy the massage even when it’s a bit tender, which isn’t always the case (believe me). I always look forward to my next session with Polly, as it really changes not just how you feel physically but makes you feel great mentally too. Thanks again Polly.
Mike, Bath

Apart from being the best massage therapist I’ve ever met, I love Polly’s attitude – she is the only therapist who’s made me feel really relaxed and not embarrassed that my body has so many issues – to her that’s no issue it’s a challenge to help me and for that I’m forever grateful, I can live a pain free life now – thank you!.
Anna, Box, Avon

After years of lower back pain and neck stiffness, I finally feel cured and can enjoy long country walks without being crippled the next day – all thanks to Polly! She is a fantastic therapist who works with you as an individual offering a personal well thought out treatment approach, not only that she really has a caring persona (so much so I can now call her a friend)  – thank you for changing my daily life”.
Joe, Chippenham

I took my baby to Baby Massage with Polly. She created a really lovely calm and easygoing atmosphere for the babies and us Mothers. Her class structure was really good and easy to follow and meant that we learnt so much, not just how to massage our babies but other really interesting and useful information too. Polly made me feel really confident about massaging my baby, and her class was really fun and nurturing, I’d highly recommend Polly’s class to any mother thinking about baby massage.
Natasha R, Bath, Somerset   

I feel very lucky that I have found Polly. She is a very warm, professional and caring massage therapist who has the skill of finding where all my areas of tension are. Polly uses just the right pressure for me to relieve my deep tissue tensions. After having to take anti inflammatories regularly prior to finding her, I don’t need to take them at all now. She is always concerned for my comfort, uses lovely soft towels,and prepares the room beautifully, enabling me to relax as soon as I arrive. I have never felt rushed and feel she is totally focused on me. I won’t be looking anywhere else now!’
Zoe A, Bath, Somerset

“I came straight home after I had the pregnancy massage with you and emailed my NCT group to tell them about my lovely experience! The massage you gave felt really different to a ‘regular’ salon massage. Very holistic and you clearly know your stuff. I thought it was fabulous and I shall definitely recommend you as I meet other pregnant ladies”.
Claire B, Bath

“Meeting Polly has totally changed my life! That may seem dramatic to say but until I met her I had constant pain down one side of my body. I had tried several therapists who just didn’t offer what I needed. Polly offers a compassionate and highly knowledgeable treatment – she really listens to what I ask her for and works on the areas in need of attention rather than just carrying out a leant routine. Since I have seen her my pains have really subsided and now I see her for regular body maintenance. I certainly would recommend her to anyone”.
Charlotte M, Batheaston, Somerset

“What a wonderful therapist! I first met Polly when my partner bought me a treatment as a birthday gift. The massage was amazing, and I now see Polly regularly. Polly does not do a regular massage, as I’ve often experienced in other places. Polly really listens to what you want and adapts the treatment to you focusing on the areas which need the most work. She is really knowledgeable about everything to do with massage and the body which is really reassuring and also interesting. She is a very caring and kind person, and I would tell anyone who is thinking about a massage to see Polly”.
Linda D, Bristol, Somerset

“Polly is our regular therapist for press events we hold across the UK. She is really professional and we always receive glowing feedback from our guests about her treatments and manner”.
Jo F, Exposure Ltd, London

“I’m always impressed by Polly’s knowledge and professionalism. My friend recommended her after I became pregnant and started to suffer from back ache. Seeing Polly every week during my pregnancy is my weekly relief from pain and gives me 1 hour of pure blissful me time! Not only that, she always gives me great advice and tips on ways to help relieve my symptoms myself at home in between appointments. I highly recommend her”.
Jessica M, Bath, Somerset

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