Collaboration with In Your Element Festival

I’m very excited to be a part of an amazing new concept, launched by

They have created a new unique platform, ‘Workplace Wellness experience’ which is aimed to improve your workplace wellbeing by offering over 100 online tutorials by some amazing professionals.

My first recording for them has gone ‘live’ and is all about ‘Selfcare and massage’ at home. With so many of us now working more from home and our daily routines having changed due to the summers events, it’s so important to stay healthy, physically and mentally – sitting at a desk all day can cause havoc with your posture and create unhealthy habits. My video explains and demonstrates some super easy massage and acupressure techniques you can do which will help ease tight shoulders, headaches and ease anxiety.

If you need some inspiration and ideas for using massage at home to relax and help any stresses or anxiety then check out their Instagram page @in_your_element or log onto their website to watch the videos

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