It’s All About The Bump

The body is a wondrous thing, particularly when it is working hard to bring another beautiful baby into the world.  Pregnancy is different for everyone and our bodies respond in different ways to the changes happening within – this can leave us tired, stressed, anxious, achy and swollen to name but a few side effects.

Massage is a well-known treatment to reduce aches and pains, relieve stress and worries and aid restful sleep.  During pregnancy, it is so important to treat the body delicately and seeing a professional pregnancy massage specialist is a simple way to feel safe whilst reaping the rewards of massage therapy.
Below are FIVE reasons to get yourself booked for a pregnancy massage pronto:

  1. Pain relief – our bodies are going through a lot and pain is usual during this time.  Massage can help with leg cramps, tension and stiffness by improving circulation and getting the blood flowing to these areas.
  2. Anxiety and stress – growing a human is a big deal and that responsibility can manifest into worries and negative thoughts.  A peaceful, relaxing massage can help settle the mind and allow you time to connect with the baby in your tummy.
  3. Sleep – one of the most common complaints during pregnancy is the inability to sleep – too hot, too big, too uncomfortable – the list is endless.  Massage can help you fall to sleep quicker and stay asleep.  Massage encourages the release of the happy hormone serotonin, which in turns transforms into the sleep promoting hormone melatonin.
  4. Swelling – cankles are not our favourite look, but by improving circulation and blood flow massage plays a part in reducing swelling in the body.
  5. Preparation – freeing the body of tightness, aches and pains can aid us in our preparation for labour.  Opening up the pelvis, reducing swelling and allowing better movement during pregnancy is perfect for when the baby is ready to come out.  If you are having a long first stage of labour a good massage can help the body relax and help you to stay calm and at peace, allowing the body to work it’s magic.

We are so lucky to have a few specialist pregnancy and baby massage therapists at both our locations in Bath and South Devon. With over 40 experience between us , we offers pre and post-natal massage, baby massage courses and Hypnobirthing.

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