New Warm Bamboo Treatment now available

Have you heard of Bamboo Massage? Our amazing therapist Kasia Gigon is now offering this unique massage treatment from our Bath venue.

If you’re wondering what is it, pieces of smooth bamboo are gently heated and used for kneading tight muscles and rolling out tension.

Sounds painful? Not at all, the bamboo is surprisingly pliable and you’ll find yourself wondering if it’s Kasia’s hands or the bamboo that’s kneading and massaging you! Read all about this lovely new treatment here.

New weekend opening

IMG_4210We are delighted to announce that from April 1st 2017 we will be JOGRN_a
open on Saturdays at our Bath clinic on George Street.

Jo Greenwood has joined the Bath Massage Co team and will be available for treatments including relaxing Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage.

Booking is essential for Saturday appointments so please get in touch to book.



Sciatic pain and massage

sciatic-nerve-and-nerve-painDid you know that the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body!

Have you ever experienced sciatic pain? If you have you will know how uncomfortable and painful it can be. But what can you do to relieve it? We see many clients who are experiencing sciatic pain (from pregnancy clients to those who do a lot of lifting and repetitive twisting in their work) and we offer therapeutic massage which can really help to ease the discomfort and release the pinched nerves.

How does massage work with Sciatica? Well it can help to relax tight lower back muscles which can place stress on your nerve roots. It works by loosening these muscles and can help prevent pinching or irritation.

You may have heard of ‘Trigger point’ massage therapy, which while not as relaxing as your typical massage, can bring a major dose of healing to your sciatic pain.  In trigger point therapy, we manipulate trigger spots (areas that cause pain to other parts of your body) through cycles of pressure and release.  It can take several sessions to work through the trigger spot, but doing so can bring great relief, more quickly.

Swedish or deep tissue massage can also be extremely helpful for treating your sciatica symptoms.  A tight lower back can put pressure on inflamed sciatic nerves.  Working out those knots and tight spots can ease that pressure, and bring relief.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of released endorphins when you’re in pain.  These powerful “feel good” hormones including endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, all of which are known for calming nerves and promoting healing, are released during a massage and can act as a whole-body pain reducer helping you feel better.


Selfcare – using a foam roller

Using a foam roller in between your massage appointments with a therapist can help maintain relaxed muscles and prevent them from tightening back up.

2._massage-420x420_0At The Bath Massage Company our therapists, Jo and Kasia, can prescribe specific foam rolling exercises to cater to your personal needs and course of treatment. We also stock and sell foam rollers at our venue. Here’s a little article on some exercises to get you started before your next treatment!


Team update

We’ve had some team changes over the past few months at The Bath Massage Company. The lovely Eve King is now away on maternity leave after having had a beautiful little girl, and Laura Beaumont is now back after having had maternity leave.

We have also recently welcomed a new team member Kasia Gigon. Some of you will have had the pleasure of meeting her already and have experienced her amazing treatment, if you haven’t then do book in to see her as she is a fantastic therapist.

Kasia is a highly qualified Sports Massage Therapist and has experience working at the injury clinic at  the University of Bath, and has worked with Bath Rugby Foundation. She has an extensive knowledge of the Anatomy and offers a very professional approach to her treatments, including help with posture and aftercare support.

Kasia currently works from our venue on George Street, Seasons Health Store during the week, so if you’d like to book an appointment with her please get in touch.


The Benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology: Mel Williamson

You may have heard about the amazing benefits of having Reflexology during pregnancy, there are numerous advantages for the pregnant woman as our bodies change so much throughout pregnancy, it’s no wonder we feel more aches and pains than usual.

Melissa Williamson, one of our specialist maternity therapists at The Bath Massage Company, explains more:

Pregnancy Reflexology is a non-invasive, gentle therapy that can help to treat the whole body, not just the feet! And if, like many pregnant women, you don’t want a body massage,reflexology allows all these niggling ailments to melt away through a relaxing, therapeutic foot massage.

A session typically lasts 60 minutes during which time the client is sitting comfortably, supported with pillows. A full history of the client will be taken in order to address the main pregnancy related issues, as well as any other ongoing issues the client may be experiencing. As well as allowing the body the time to relax, the treatment will also encourage better circulation throughout the body and decrease any swelling or build of fluid that typically occurs during pregnancy. The benefits of pregnancy reflexology are vast, but common ailments which reflexology can help include:

Respiratory – during pregnancy it is common to experience rhinitis of pregnancy which makes it hard to breathe. By working the sinus reflex points on the feet, congestion can be reduced and kept under control.

– as the baby grows and pushes on the diaphragm, there is often discomfort in breathing and shortness of breathe. The reflex point for the diaphragm can be worked on to help soothe this discomfort.

Skeletal – as pregnancy hormones kick in, and as the body starts to change shape the bone structure is compromised. It is very normal to experience lower back pain and hip pain. By working the spinal reflex and the hip reflex on the foot the client can feel relief in these areas.

– many pregnant mums experience sciatic pain often as a result of the piriformis muscle pushing against the nerve due to changes in the pelvic structure. This can be incredibly uncomfortable and can continue post pregnancy if not dealt with effectively.

Digestion – Pregnancy hormones cause the bowel muscles to relax, making it hard for them to work efficiently, and as the baby grows, room for all the organs is reduced, often causing digestive issues, mainly constipation. By working the reflex points for the stomach and small and large intestines better digestion can be encouraged.

Lymphatic – fluid build up and poor circulation can cause swelling especially in the legs and feet.

These points outline the benefits for prenatal reflexology, but pregnancy reflexology isn’t just for mums-to-be, it is a very effective post-natal treatment as the body is now being tested in a very different way, including possible breastfeeding, holding a new baby, pushing a pram, and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, and can really help with fatigue, milk production, digestion and back problems, especially aches and pains from carrying and feeding baby.

It is not advised to have treatments before the second trimester, however, reflexology can help with nausea, fatigue and relaxation in the first trimester”

Top 5 reasons to get a Sports massage by BMC therapist Kasia Gigon

We often get asked what Sports massage is and how it works so we asked our Sports massage expert, Kasia Gigon to give us her top 5 reasons for having this treatment:

1. Pain reduction
Soft tissue massage can be used to help reduce pain produced by injury or simply soreness caused by intensive training. There has been a variety of research demonstrating the positive impact of massage on pain levels when combined with exercises and manual therapy techniques.

2. Muscle tension release
Certain exercise for long periods can create stress on the body, which can create trigger points and tension in the muscles. Having regular massage can optimise your tissues pliability, increase the range of movement, thereby reducing risk of injury and support in efficiency of movement.

3. Maintaining a good posture
What does your day look like? Spending every day at work…whether it’s an office job at a desk, standing or running around for long hours, whatever your job is, maintaining the same posture and engaging the same muscles over and over again can cause muscles to shorten and pull your joints into positions which over time can reduce function and increase chances of over-use and repetitive strain injuries. Sports massage can help to release these muscles and is a great way to counteract the negative affect of the bad posture.

4. Assist with recovery and improve your training.
Ache after training? Massage is a great way to help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), basically soreness after exercise….massage may help recovery by increasing the blood circulation to the area and help to flush out the toxins that build up during exercise. Resulting in improvement of recovery and helping you get ready for your next exercise.

5. Relaxing.
Not generally thought of as relaxing, Sports massage does help to reduce general anxiety by releasing tension. As the body releases and reduces physical tension the mind follows bringing about a great feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Kasia Gigon specialises in Sports massage as well as other massage treatments at The Bath Massage Company. To make a booking with her visit our Book page.


Venue update 2017

From January 2017 we will no longer be working out of the Monmouth Street venue.
We are streamlining our business and so will working out of our main other Bath location full time Monday to Friday – Seasons Natural Health Store/George Street. We will continue to work out of the Bristol location, Southville Clinic, on a Wednesday.

Further details of our venue can be found via this link


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We love NYR Organic!


I love good, ethical and organic products, and for the past couple of years have been using massage oils and balms from Neal’s Yard, which may of you I know already use and love (and who doesn’t adore those little blue glass bottles!). Many of my clients ask me what I use in my treatments and have been interested in using them themselves at home, so it felt like a natural step to become a NYR Consultant!

I have now got a dedicated website where you can browse all the NYR Organic products and also purchase them through me, delivered straight to your door within a couple of days. As a consultant I receive great sale offers and regular discounts which you can take advantage of.  So, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll keep you updated on the products, and in the mean time please check out my webpage –